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Are you in the wedding industry, struggling to find  that "one" place where your advertising dollars will actually show some results? 

Are you looking for something that doesn't just give you a marketing boost for a week after publication, but some real longevity?

Would you like to know that your money is benefitting you across numerous media, not just glossy print, or web, or bridal shows, or print directories, but everything - all at once?

Are you tired of "take your money and run" publications, that don't really care what happens to your business once they have your check? 

Then you are ready for THE ONE.
We are different
in every way. 

Our system was designed
to serve your needs,
not the other way around.

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THE ONE is on the move!
Creative Design & Publishing is looking for motivated representatives to help take THE ONE Regional Guide and DREAMBOOK Scrapbook concepts to new regions throughout the U.S. (and right here in California) 
This is a perfect opportunity for the "stay at home" parent with children in school, the retired, realtors, or other professionals in their slow seasons.
Northern California, Central Coast
Southern California

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In our experience, most businesses are in three camps,          when it comes to their websites. 

GROUP ONE: These are the mega companies, or mega hopefuls who spend a fortune on their sites, their webmasters, and their content.  Yay for them - we are so glad they can afford it.

GROUP TWO: These are the people who always seem to be unhappy when it comes to their site.  It takes too long to get their web developer to design their site.  It is an act of congress to have a change made to it. And when they finally do manage to hound the tech enough to change the date of that event posted on their site, (a day before the event!) they are unhappy that the bill was $65 an hour, and apparently took an hour and a half to make the two keystrokes.........AAUghh!

GROUP THREE: These are the people that have heard all the horror stories and are "going to learn to do it themselves".  They might have even gone to a few classes - and left baffled and scratching their heads.

Is there an answer?

We were in this same position. (Group two and Group three)
But since our policy is to look outside the box - and we were absolutely desperate to get our site updates done and were hearing excuse after excuse as to why it wasn't done, we took matters into our own hands. 

Ultimately, we got pretty good at it and have designed and maintained our sites and many others for quite a while now.

The thing we do differently from others who may do your site is that we get it done.  We get it done on time. And, we don't take your first born child in exchange for doing it. 

And then we give you a choice: Would you like us to handle maintaining your site or would you like us to show you hw to do it yourself?    Don't worry, it's easy, thanks to the great software we use. 

If you are in any of the groups above, or any other, for that matter, and need a site.  Contact us - if we have a spot open in our schedule, we'll talk, then get your site done in a very short time.  If we don't, we will tell you when we can. 

How often do you say that you "are going to get that website done"?   The fastest way is to just do it now.

Call or email us today.

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